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Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, then 20, became inspired by the idea of omega replica watches's family company. He also entered the world of the integrated bracelet and sports chic watch. His reasoning was simple. He wanted a timepiece that represented the modern world to which he was attached as a young man who loved motorsports and sailing. He desired a symbol of the future for his family and society. He began to talk to his father about the replica watches Karl-Friedrich Senior recalls that although I was initially not enamored by the idea, I appreciated the passion of my son and he eventually convinced me.

Karl-Friedrich said, "I knew this was the type of watch that my generation wanted. Something I could wear while skiing, but also when wearing a tuxedo." The resulting watch was named the St Moritz. Scheufele thought it perfectly evoked summer's Cote d'Azur. It was completely in-house designed, prototyped, and put into production in 18 months.

St Moritz advertisement, 1980s

The 1980 launch of the St Moritz was undoubtedly the most innovative timepiece in its class since the Royal Oak. Instead of a faceted dial, it had audacious curving elements that surrounded the visible screws. Legend has it that the watch was first introduced in 1979 in Hong Kong. This is omega replica watches's largest market. It immediately attracted attention due to its unusual charm and degage. Scheufele removed the watch from his wrist and dropped it in a champagne bucket. He later retrieved it two hours later after local dealers raised doubts about whether it was water-resistant to 30 meters. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, at just 20 years old, had 1,000 watches in his possession by the time the 1980 Basel Watch Fair began.Rolex Daytona Replica It is worth noting that Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak was 1,000 pieces in its initial production, and took a lot longer to sell.

1980: The St Moritz collection was presented by the Scheufele family

A New Generation

Okay, let's move on to the present. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele has achieved incredible things over the past 40 years of his career in the watch business. He has been synonymous with authentic, genuine technical innovation and accomplishment, complemented by an old-world gentlemanly charm. He launched the first in-house movement of the company, the Geneva Seal-certified, COSC-certified micro-rotor masterpiece, caliber 1.96, which was awarded multiple awards. The world's fourth-largest wristwatch, with eight days of reserve and four barrels, was created by him. He also invented the world's first COSC-certified 4Hz tourbillon and the world's most accurate jumping minute counter. Because he won the previous year's Ferdinand Berthoud brand award, he was the only one to sit on the Geneva Grand Prix's Jury. A omega replica watches watch was being assessed for the top prize. Scheufele, always a gentleman, excused himself throughout this process to not affect the vote. Amusingly, omega replica watches's latest collection of omega replica watches's Alpine Eagle was not conceived by him. It was his son Karl-Fritz who came up with the idea. This is a great example of history repeating itself.