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Haute monde 1970s was a wildly nomadic experience. One day you could wake up in Mustique, the next in Marrakesh. As it had done in New York in the 1950s and Swinging London in the 1960s, its glitterati abandoned the idea of a permanent home. The 1970s merged mid-century cafe society and the rebellion of the decade that followed, creating a new kind of peripatetic Hedonism. The '70s were a time of escapism, a time of carefree libidinousness and a willingness to succumb to one's sexual impulses.

The watch industry was also experiencing turmoil in the 1970s, as it was reeling from the first salvos of the quartz crisis. By the end of that decade, over 50,000 people had lost their jobs.replica franck muller watches One watch designer, in an effort to express cultural changes and a new spirit, created a new type of timepiece to represent the new era of freedom. You could be found in the Hotel du Cap swimming pool, guiding a Haston-clad genius through the labyrinthine streets of some sweaty after-hours boite or presiding over your board.

It could be worn with either an evening or birthday suit. It was an integrated sports chic watch and its father, Gerald Genta, was a genius maverick.

The Alpine Eagle has two screws at each compass points, visible ears, and an integrated bracelet. It may be associated with other integrated bracelet watches, however, it feels contemporary with its modern fonts and textured dial.

The Royal Oak, Audemars-Piguet's 1972 watch that was his first overture, marked a new era in this type of watch. The watch was a slim, elegant steel gem with visible white gold screws and an octagonal bezel. Its price of 3,300 Swiss Francs earned it further fame. This is equivalent to the cost of a new Jaguar. Although initial reactions were mixed, it eventually won the hearts of Gianni Agnelli and his band of Italian seamaster replica Girard-Perregaux followed up with its hexagonal bezel and quartz-powered Laureato, designed by a Milanese arhitect. Next came Patek Philippe's 1976 Nautilus and IWC's Ingenieur SL in the same year. Both were designed by Genta. The Nautilus was a huge success and the Ingenieur suffered from an identity crisis. It looked like a playboy's timepiece, but it was actually marketed as an amagnetic scientific timepiece. IWC also launched its Ingenieur SL in 1976. Both were designed by Genta. The slimmest "Skinny Ingenieur", is a favorite of mine. The 222, designed by Jorg Hysek in 1977, was unveiled by Vacheron Constantin. It remains one of my favorite and most underrated vintage watches. The Polo, a bracelet, case, and dial that was all one design by Yves Piaget in 1979 was a delight.